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Business Workshops, Mastermind Retreats, & One-On-One Mentoring

Build the business you want to run.

And then run the business that allows you to live the life you want to lead.

It's not about making 6-figures or leaving your 9-5,
though that would be great
(and is totally possible!)
It's about having a business that supports your life, your way.

Through business workshops and one-on-one mentoring, I teach you the legit and legal way to run your business while empowering you to actually have a business that aligns with your personal philosophy AND makes a profit.


In the process of working with me, you build a business that allows you to live the life you want to lead. Whether you want to transition your side-hustle into your full-time gig or want to scale up your already-existing-business, I'm here to help you throughout the process.


About Me


At 35 years old, I set out to build a business that let me lead a life fully on my terms. And learned that entrepreneurship is AWESOME! 

Granted, I had a bit of a leg up when I started my business because I had a lot of the know-how already. By that time, I had successfully run several multi-million dollar arts-focused businesses and had a masters degree in management from Yale University. But I also wasn't 100% happy. Almost every week, I would text my best friend "Let's quit our jobs and go hiking, ok?"


Growing up, my family split our time between Germany, the Austrian Alps, and the Northeast area of the US. I spent much of my time hiking, skiing, and staring at mushrooms, often with a camera in hand. But could I possibly also make money doing these things? The answer was YES, I just didn't know it quite yet.

And then something changed. And now I want to help you too.

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Business Workshop Retreat

Join me in the heart of the Adirondacks for this business-centered retreat while getting hands-on experience building your elopement portfolio. This workshop includes an optional ski-elopement shoot add on!

March 27-30, 2022


One-On-One Mentoring

You are ready to level up your business and are proud of what you have accomplished so far. But you also aren't completely happy with where you are. This package is for those of you ready to the work to build the business you actually want.

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