A Heartwarming 40th Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot in Saratoga Springs, NY

Making memories together doesn't stop the day you get married or elope. And wanting to capture those memories in a way that reflects your relationship proves that you shouldn't stop documenting your love after "I do". Anniversary photoshoots are a great way to honor your marriage. After all, when it comes to your wedding day, it's the marriage that actually matters.

L & K celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this year. What was supposed to be a big surprise party (planned by their daughter) was not able to happen due to the dangers of COVID. So, rather than the big party, L&K indulged in a wedding anniversary photoshoot at the Saratoga National Historical Park, also known as the Saratoga Battlefield. This photoshoot gave them the space to celebrate their relationship, the work that had gone into it, and the love they have for each other after decades together.

L&K got married in 1980 in Scotia (right next door to Schenectady, NY). I loved hearing all of their stories from both their wedding day and their early years together. Their first date was at the New York State Museum in the late 70s. K told me how there was another guy who was interested in dating her, but L called her first and so off on a date she went! Later, K recalled what it was like to watch L drive away after a late night talking for hours on her parent's front porch. And how she already missed him and couldn't wait for their next date. Cue emotional feels of adorableness in my throat.

I was also struck by how much they cared for each other and enjoyed being silly, cuddling, and dancing in a field together with only me and my lens watching. This was the first time in years that they had played in this way- holding hands and kissing just because. I'm glad that I was able to give them the space and encouragement to do so! Time with each other is so special and is a treasure in my opinion. This was the first time they had had photos taken since their wedding day and I think they had a lot of fun! At least, that's what they told me 😉. As they said "it was fun reminiscing about [their] relationship".

I was also struck by how proud they were to have cultivated such a wonderful family dynamic over the coming years. I asked many questions about their marriage, but raising a joyful family seemed to be one of their happiest accomplishments and the hardest job that they did together. Throughout our hour together, they reminisced several times about the child-rearing years. And they clearly love their grown children and are grateful that they live nearby so that everyone can take time going on long walks together and hanging out.

I've been married a year and a half now (no longer a newlywed officially...), and I was curious what their advice was for a successful partnership. This was what they told me.

Relationship Advice

1) Accept each other as you are.

2) Care for each other and love each other even when it gets hard and frustrating.

3) Find a sense of humor. It isn't always easy but it's important.

4) Do things together and go on dates.

5) And do things separately too. Keep your own identity alive and growing!

I love this advice because it really rings true. It honors that marriage is a partnership but that you are two individuals choosing to be together. It also honors that marriage is work. But good work. And this advice celebrates having love and respect for each other- even after 40 years (and counting!)

Congratulations on your 40th Wedding Anniversary and here is to many more years of love and affection!


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