A Romantic Maternity Photoshoot in Grafton, NY

I am so grateful to have witnessed J & C's love for each other during our photoshoot, because it really was something special. I met J & C through my brother-in-law. My brother-in-law mentioned to them that I was really hoping to do some maternity sessions this summer. As it turned out, C had attempted to take some maternity pictures of J that past weekend, but something was missing. C wasn't in any of the pictures!

After a Zoom "get to know you" and discussing the feelings they hoped to capture during their photoshoot, we set a date. We decided to meet a week later on Tuesday at a local spot I had recently discovered. However, as the week went on, it was looking like our planned date might not work out due to storms that were passing through. So after some texting back and forth, we decided to move the shoot up to that Sunday and I'm so glad we did! The weather was perfect and the clouds were dramatic as we watched the sun set.

J & C were some of the warmest and kind-hearted humans I have met, and working with them was a blast! From the moment J & C got out of their car, you could tell that they cared about each other greatly and that this was going to be fun. I can only hope that everyone can have someone in their life who makes them laugh and radiate love the way that they do.