Family Photoshoot at Black Hill Regional Park, Maryland - Two Kids, Two Adults, and Lots of Snacks

J and I went to school together, so having the opportunity to photograph her family with 20 plus years of friendship behind us was such a beautiful thing. I'm so grateful that I was able to spend the morning with her family playing in the park.

When working with families, my intent is to capture you making memories together. It is so important to me that your children leave thinking "oh my gosh! That was so much FUN!" And yes, I might set a bad example and walk into the water in my tennis shoes just to get that shot, and maybe, just maybe, your child will also want to play in the water, soaking their shoes and pants. Oops. Next time I'll save my water shenanigans for the end of the shoot :). Promise.

Are you interested in booking a shoot in the Washington, DC metro area (Maryland, DC, Virginia) or Anchorage, Alaska? Travel fees apply but are steeply discounted since I relish the opportunity to visit my family in those locations. I've also got the insider track on some beautiful locations for photos!