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Happy Halloween! Welcome to Jasper's World- A cosplay photoshoot in Clifton Park, NY

A few weeks ago, J reached out to me about doing a personal branding photoshoot in order to get some updated headshots. But there was more. The highlight of their photoshoot would be a cosplay session for their character Jasper. After hearing about Jasper's creation, I was immediately game for an evening of fun! After taking J's headshots, we headed on over to a local forest where J transformed into Jasper. What a perfect way to ring in Halloween season! Read more about the photoshoot below...or just skip to the bottom for some pictures of Jasper in their element!

What was your inspiration for this photoshoot?

My inspiration came from this tag on the social media app TikTok that was called “bisexual pirate tiktok”. It is exactly what it sounds like. A bunch of nerds and geeks alike, creating their most interesting pirate characters with whatever cosplay materials they had laying around. Typically the short videos were a transformation into the character. Going from your normal everyday look to a fierce and mysterious pirate within seconds.

I’ve always wanted to have some sort of neat witch/pirate hybrid, and my original character Jasper was born! I took some inspiration for the darkness of my character from the witches of the Netflix series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Jasper is a witch who used to belong to a coven and then found themselves going rogue, joining the pirate crew “Dark Star Pirates”. Shout out to creator James on TikTok! Her user is @niceonejames.

Have you ever done a photoshoot before?

Way back in the day for high school senior photos! Although I don’t know how much that would count. I’ve done a few “photoshoots” for theater production promotions.

What did you do to prepare for this photoshoot, if anything.

I prepared my own cosplay and makeup. I had some ideas that I wanted to bring to life during the shoot, I mainly wanted the shoot to be organic and have things happen on their own!

What was the experience like for you?

Enthralling. Molly really made me feel like a model, or an actor getting ready for test shots of a costume on a fantasy movie set. It was such a fun and unique experience, and I enjoyed surrounding myself in nature which is what I was going for in the photos.

What was the best part of your photoshoot?

Playing with the water! We went down towards a small pond in the trail that we were on, and Molly had me do a few (or several depending on who you are asking) shots of me throwing the water into the air for an action shot. It was fun because it happened on its own. I was actually washing my hands, flicked some water off and thought it looked cool so we did a few shots of me throwing water!

What is your favorite photo (or are your favorite photos) and why?

Probably the ones of me looking around the trees with curiosity. Everything has a mystical feel to it. I also enjoy the ones of me behind the warm yellow ferns, where I look more mysterious.

What is one word you would use to describe your photoshoot?


Are you interested in your own personal branding photoshoot? Reach out to me today at outdoorchroniclesphotography AT gmail DOT com. I look forward to making your dreams a reality!

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