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About Outdoor Chronicles

Adventure (noun): An exciting or remarkable experience.

I'm excited to tell you my story, but the truth is that I just feel like the luckiest human to work outside with a camera documenting love stories. It's an amazing career, and I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunities I've been given along the way.


Meet Molly, licensed hiking guide and elopement photographer


TLDR: In my journey to becoming an award-winning elopement photographer, I’ve realized that there are so many different types of adventures. And sometimes the smallest moments have the biggest impact. Like a kiss on the cheek and a squeeze of the hand. Really seeing how someone looks at you. These little moments are part of your whole story, and that’s why I love documenting these moments in your life.


When I decided to pursue photography, I didn’t know exactly where the journey would take me. I lived for the days I could spend in the mountains, and loved helping others. And here I am, living this beautiful, busy, and multi-faceted life! I found that I am so inspired helping couples have amazing elopement experiences (and documenting births). My happiness comes from slow mornings over lemon-ginger tea, obsessively looking over maps to plan out my next hike, and hiking with my pups. 

I grew up in the Austrian Alps (and eloped on top of our town's mountain, or "Hausberg" as we call it!), though we currently call Upstate New York home. I'm lucky enough to return to Germany and Austria several times a year with my partner to visit family and for work. Any given week, I can probably be found hiking or skiing in the Adirondacks and White Mountains of New Hampshire. And although I'm a licensed hiking guide and Wilderness First Responder, most of my hiking is actually for pleasure and not for work. I just love to explore new trails but can also be found hiking the same mountains over and over because the views are so different during different seasons and weather.

As your elopement photographer, I'm your wedding guide, experience curator, and trusted friend. I'm here to document your elopement with truth and artistry, so you can remember it in all of its detail for decades to come!

Most of my clients have never worked with a professional photographer before. And they kinda hate the typical posed shots they see online. When you work with me, each experience is unique and your photos are going to be a beautiful representation of your relationship. 90% of my work is photojournalistic, meaning that I'm documenting what I see. But I'm not snapping with reckless abandon. I take care to carefully compose each shot, taking my cue from the activity, lighting, and landscape. What is the other 10%? Formal couple and family portraits. My favorite formals are the ones that are a bit quirky and fun. You know the ones, windblown hair, kids running all over the place, your head thrown back in laughter. We make time for separate portraits because sometimes you don't want an iPhone bulge in your pocket or sunglasses on your head. But don't worry- I work as a director cueing you and giving you prompts so that you still look natural and are having fun. Because who wants to just be a mannequin adjusting the angles of their arms or chins? Not me.

Molly - Outdoor Chronicles

Molly on a hike with their two dogs, Riley and Arlo!

Hiking in the White Mountains

A winter climb up Mount Moosilauke- a favorite!

Outdoor Chronicles, always climbing on top of things

See rock, must climb!


Molly - Outdoor Chonicles

Molly snowshoeing in the White Mountains

In the snow is where I feel the happiest- how about you?


Molly - Outdoor Chronicles On a winter hike in the Adirondacks!

A little more you should know...

Yes, I’m a proud LGBTQ+ friendly photographer! Not only that, I'm a queer-gendered, bi+ human who will celebrate you, your family, and your friends. 10% of proceeds are donated to the YWCA of NorthEastern NY to support programs that work to eliminate racism and empower women and to the Capital Region Pride Center.

When I'm not pouring over guidebooks and trails maps, I can often be found with my head in a book. I carry a book wherever I go- it could be a coffee table book, business book, or a collection of Mary Oliver's poetry (gosh, I love her!)

I believe all bodies are great bodies. This is a safe space for humans of all colors and sizes, cis & transgender.

I started my career as a sports and landscape photographer along-side my arts management career. This prepared me for Adirondack elopements and New Hampshire weddings in the best way! I'm an expert at planning experiences, can shoot in all different conditions (rain, snow, midday sun, etc), and promise to capture your surroundings beautifully. 

It's important to me to give YOU the space and freedom to be yourselves and in love. And with that freedom comes pure joy (and silliness usually!) And that joy radiates in each and every photo.
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