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Adventure Wedding and Elopement Photography

for couples getting married in the Adirondacks, White Mountains, or Austrian Alps.

It's your life. Why not have some ACTUALLY EPIC FUN while getting married?

As a wedding and elopement photographer, I love helping you plan your perfect experience. Whether you are kissing in the woods, exchanging vows on a mountaintop, or getting married in your backyard, I'm here to get that perfect shot to hang on your wall!

Interested in eloping in the Austrian Alps? Click the button below!

Elopement & Adventure Wedding Pricing


Travel included in all packages. Coverage ranges from half day coverage to 2+ days.

Maybe everybody is telling you to have a big wedding, but it doesn't feel right. I GET IT.

After scrapping plans for a big to-do, my husband and I got married at the Albany courthouse. And then we followed that up with a symbolic ceremony in the Austrian Alps with our immediate family. And we loved every minute of our wedding experience.

I'm not just your wedding photographer. I'm your trusted advisor, friend, and guide to having the best wedding day experience possible! 


Working with me, you don't have to hike the tallest peak and endure a suffer-fest getting there, but we totally can! Because when you get those views, that sweat is worth it! You do have to promise me though that you are committed to making your experience one worth remembering. 


Trust me, once you decide to plan the day you want rather than the one you think you should have, you won't look back! 

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"I'm actually excited for my wedding now!"


All weddings and elopements include:

Helping you plan your perfect experience is part of the fun! Once you book with me, I will help you plan your unique elopement. In addition to all of my local knowledge, I have a list of vendors to recommend to you for your wedding day. 

Want to know where to stay or where you could get a "from above" experience? I can direct you to some local companies who do hot air balloon rides, sea plane rides, and heli-experiences! 

I'm also here to answer any questions you might have about the legalities of getting married- it can be confusing figuring out everything you need and when to do what.


Whether it's by text, email, or messenger, you can reach out to me any time! I love knowing what you are thinking about when it comes to your wedding day. 


Whether its a really big decision such as changing your venue or how to pack for your winter hiking elopement (fleece leggings!), I love to know what's going on and how I can help. I'm here to lend a listening ear and advice as needed.


Licensed hiking guide, wilderness first responder, and carrier of all things extra. Baby wipes, ibuprofen, hair pins, snacks and treats, first aid kit...I bring it all with me wherever I go. I like to be prepared for anything that you may need on the day of your wedding. I've had grooms whose buttons popped off who needed a safety pin, mothers who needed a quick sugar boost, and bridal parties who had forgotten all of the hair pins. Whatever it is that you need, I probably have it!

And if you were hoping for a buddy who knows too many bad puns, some fun nature facts, and loves to nerd out about backpacking and cycling gear, you are in luck! Because you get that too.


About a month before your wedding, I will send out a detailed wedding questionnaire to make sure we are both on the same page as to what to expect. We will also go over any Plan B options. 


This is when I begin to help you craft a timeline to make sure that you will have a relaxed day (no rushing so that you can stay 100% present and in the moment!). We will also go over the best times for the ceremony and photos (golden hour, baby!)

About a week before your wedding, we will hop on the phone again to touch base and finalize your details.


I photographed my first elopement in 2015, and before that I worked as a sports photographer. I'm proud to say that I have never photographed the same elopement twice- after all, your elopement deserves to be as unique as you are! And I promise that you will love your photos!

In addition to being an expert in telling your story through photography, especially all the little moments, I'm also a licensed New York hiking guide and a Wilderness First Responder. When it comes to your adventure elopement, you want the best. You want to know that your photographer will show you amazing, off the beaten path locations and keep you safe!


You read that correctly! You will get your first sneak peek within 24 hours of your wedding or elopement. Because nobody likes waiting to see photos from their epic, joyful day!

All Day Weddings & Elopements

Starting at $6,100
8+ Hours of Coverage


This is perfect for the couple looking to really take advantage of the area that they have chosen to get married in. This leaves enough time to either split the day into two shorter adventures or have an epic all-day adventure together.

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I adore adventurous elopements, intimate weddings, and wedding days that start at city hall. If this sounds up your alley, I would love to document your day! 

My goal is always to tell the story of your day. It's your WEDDING DAY after all! Whether you elope just you two or surround yourself with your closest family and friends, your adventure deserves to be documented in full.

Working with me, I will help you both plan and document one of the most awesome days that you two will have together. We will design a timeline that includes getting ready, travel to your elopement location, your ceremony, and pictures on or around your location afterwards. Especially because it's an elopement, the story of your day is especially important and meaningful. 

Take it from someone who knows.

The best part about embarking on an adventure elopement is that you have the entire day to celebrate in the way that speaks to you two!

Want to grab some breakfast at that funky diner around the corner after your morning courthouse wedding? Spend the day kayaking on a secluded lake in the Adirondacks, hiking trails that are only accessibly by water? Or maybe you want to change into your kit, hop on your bike, and feel the breeze as you take a ride together? 


Take it from me, making it simple and planning the day around what you love is where it's at.

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For Lovers Getting Married
Fill out the contact form below to receive your pricing guide and to schedule your free consultation call.

You can expect a response back within 24 hours. If you do not hear from me for 48+ hours I may be somewhere on a mountain with limited service. Please feel free to follow up at I am excited to plan you next adventure!

I'm excited to plan your next adventure!

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