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Financial Activism

Because giving back and spending money intentionally matters.

From the moment I started this business, giving back has been at the forefront. You can blame that I worked in non-profits for the majority of my career or that I believe all businesses can do better. So, with every transaction, I donate 10% of profits to various non-profits and causes. Since I began this initiative, I've grown my annual donations from $2,000/year to close to $6,000 in 2023 between Outdoor Chronicles Photography and my other business, MM Strategic Advising.

In 2023, $5,850 was contributed to (in no particular order):

YWCA Domestic Violence Program

Capital Region Pride Center

The Trevor Project

Human Rights Campaign

The Nature Conservancy

Mohawk-Hudson Humane Center

Adirondack Council

Adirondack Mountain Club

ADK Search and Rescue

Free Food Fridge Albany

Inside the Line

WAM Theatre

Yale Summer Cabaret

Individuals in Need/Community Care

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Whether it's me or my business, my values tend to overlap. 

Authenticity & Integrity - These two are at the forefront of everything that I do. It informs everything that I do, from what jobs I work on to where my business goes. When you meet me, what you see is what you get, in the best way possible.

Empathy I'm in the business of service, but it's so much more than that. Everything I do comes from a place of wanting you to have the best experience that you can have. And that is going to be unique to each person. When it comes to life, it isn't always easy, so I approach working together with a lot of compassion, understanding, and cheerleading to help you along the way. 

Sustainability - Whether it's reducing my carbon footprint, helping you reduce your wedding carbon footprint, or making sure that my business is helping my community sustain itself by hiring locally and spending my money with local vendors, sustainability is at the core of how my business operates. It's built into the budget and built into actual operations by paying above-living wage to contractors and working with locals.

Community & Support - This is where my financial activism primarily comes into play. I believe in community, whether that is my local community or a community created by interest. We are who we surround ourselves with. I also have a lot to give back to. I believe in the missions of the organizations I choose to donate my money to. I also believe in supporting individual community members. Therefore, on occasion, donations are made to helping an individual experiencing financial need. For privacy, those remain unlisted.

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