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The 20 Best Etsy Wedding Dresses for Your Outdoor Wedding

Did you know that you do not HAVE to go to a bridal shop to find your wedding dress? For me, the wedding dress shopping experience was "eh". I didn't look forward to walking into a bridal boutique, trying on loads of dresses that didn't feel like "me".

Luckily, in 2021, there are so many places to buy beautiful, couture wedding dresses online! Many brides are choosing to wear a custom wedding dress that is just as unique as their intimate wedding or elopement. And at prices that are hard to beat because they are buying directly from an independent designer. Even better, most of the dress designers listed do not upcharge for a larger size!

If you are like me, you are turning to Etsy for a lot of your custom wedding accessories and decorative elements. You value independent artists and designers and want unique, handmade elements for your intimate wedding. I bet buying handmade and from independent artists is ingrained in your soul- you like spending your money where you know it will help someone and not a giant corporation. So, why not browse Etsy for a famously affordable, custom wedding dress for your unique wedding or elopement?

Reasons to buy your custom wedding dress on Etsy:

  • Made to order

  • Handmade

  • Reasonable Return/Exchange policies*

  • High Quality

  • Affordable

*Be sure to check the return and exchange policies of the shop before buying. Rather than offering returns or exchanges due to fit, some shops will make a sample dress to try on to ensure they have the correct measurements.

There is something very human about buying from a maker on Etsy. You are helping an individual. As an independent business owner, I know that I do a happy dance every time I make a sale! The Etsy wedding dress designers are no different. Other perks of buying your wedding dress off of Etsy are:

  • You know where in the world your dress was made

  • You are buying a truly unique wedding dress

  • You are getting a good deal and know why it costs what it does

By buying your unique wedding gown on Etsy, you are buying directly from the designer, which is why so much of your dress can be customized. There is no middleman and no shop to interfere.

Are you looking for a gorgeous, handmade wedding dress for your outdoor wedding? Are you nervous buying a dress online? Well, here are 20 of the best and unique wedding dresses on Etsy with the shop reviews to back them up! Many of these dress designers even have samples to try on at home before building your custom wedding dress.

All of these Etsy wedding dresses are perfect to move in- not too heavy and able to give you the flexibility to run around or have a wide legged snowboard stance. After all, you should have fun on your wedding day!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. When buying anything online, make sure to do your own research and read reviews before making a purchase.


This is a gorgeous free-spirited beige gown with a boho feel and a cutout back. The beautiful flowing a-line skirt is ideal for a beach ceremony or a day in the mountains. The bell sleeves are embroidered with unique floral design made specially for this gown.

Dress Designer: CathyTelle

Features: A-Line, Floor length, Embroidered details, Preliminary test item to ensure proper fit

Price: $2,900

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: Ukraine

Shop Price Range: $460-$5,900



This dreamy wedding dress has a vintage feel perfect for your forest wedding. With half sleeves, an illusion back, and lace appliques dripping down the skirt, you will feel like twirling the day away!

Dress Designer: ieie

Features: Sheer half sleeves, Lace applique illusion back, Tulle, Lace, Satin

Price $549.95

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: New Jersey, USA

Shop Price Range: $169.99-$1,499.95



This long-sleeve lace dress with handmade roses is sexy and bohemian, perfect for your adventurous elopement. Not only is Anna a delight to work with according to reviews, but her work is unique and full of intricate details.

Dress Designer: Anna Skoblikova

Features: Handmade rose details, long sleeves, lace, satin, mesh, silk, tulle

Price: $1,605

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: Russia

Shop Price Range: $113.35-$3,850



This couture lace wedding dress features long sleeves and a deep V neck. With custom beading throughout the bodice and sleeves, this dress gives a little bit of an edgy feel for the modern bride.

Dress Designer: Lace Marry

Features: A-Line, Long Sleeves, V-Neck, Open Back, Beading, Cathedral Train, Lace, Tulle, Sequins

Price: $568.40

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: China

Shop Price Range: $147-$1,050



This gold lace wedding dress is inspired by the golden sunlight and natural beauty. With delicate craftsmanship and light layers, it is perfect for any outdoor wedding. Featuring delicate off white and gold Chantilly lace, this dress is truly unforgettable!

Dress Designer: Polina Ivanova

Features: Soft satin lining, Chantilly lace, silk satin buttons, tulle

Price: $1,282.63

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: Bulgaria

Shop Price Range: $361.45-1,788.40



This blush wedding dress is perfect for your winter wedding where that hint of color will just pop against the snow. This off the shoulder dress features a long train and beaded French lace.

Dress Designer: Mywony Bridal

Features: Lace, Tulle, Beading, Silk Charmeuse

Price: $2,100

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: Ukraine

Shop Price Range: $150-$2,199



Are you thinking of getting married in your backyard or at a winery? This A-Line dress is backless ad features bows and subtle polka dots throughout the bodice and skirt. Perfect for the bride who wants something a bit different for their wedding day!

Dress Designer: Bliss Gown

Features: Tulle, Chiffon, Satin

Price: $290.40

Shop Rating: 4.5 Stars

Shop Location: USA

Shop Price Range: $279.20-$512



This stunning nude-ivory tulle gown is accented with ivory dainty lace appliqués on the bodice. Finished with sweetheart neckline and corset back closure. This demure and sophisticated dress is perfect for your mountain wedding or elopement.

Dress Designer: Angellure Bridal

Features: Corset back, floral appliques

Price: $718.25

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: Ukraine

Shop Price Range: $357-$1,045



This pink wedding dress is stunning and perfect for the any time of year! Perfect for the romantic bride who definitely wants to stand out.

Dress Designer: GuCi Designs

Features: Tully, Satin, Embroidery, Beading

Price: $269

Shop Rating: 4.5 Stars

Shop Location: China

Shop Price Range: $179-$589



For the laid back bride! This dress is not only beautiful, but incredibly comfortable! This lace dress is lightweight, perfect for moving. If you like to feel free in what you are wearing, this dress is for you!

Dress Designer: Dreamers and Lovers

Features: 3D Lace, Backless, Angel sleeves

Price: $1,955

Shop Rating: 4 Stars

Shop Location: California, USA

Shop Price Range: $585 - $2,335



This is another dress that is lightweight and easy to wear. With a delicate open back, custom beading on the front, and a flowing skirt, this dress is dreamy and perfect for your sunrise ceremony!

Dress Designer: Alex Veil Bridal

Features: Low back, Chiffon, Tulle, Beading, Lace

Price: $800

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: Russia

Shop Price Range: $450-$1,315



This pretty front wrap dress features an embroidered dot chiffon fabric. This bohemian wedding dress is understated with its clean lines, classic silhouettes, and subtle details. Perfect for the minimalist bride!

Dress Designer: BibiLuxe

Features: Dot chiffon, flowing sleeves, belt

Price: $930.30

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: United Kingdon

Shop Price Range: $458-$1,603



This halter dress features shimmering flowers on the front and an illusion back with trailing buttons on the back. Made with soft fabrics, this dress is easy to pack and wear for your adventure wedding.

Dress Designer: Angellure Bridal

Features: High neck, floral appliques, beading, lace, buttons

Price: $786.25

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: Ukraine

Shop Price Range: $357-$1,045



This dreamy bohemian dress is timeless. With an A-Line skirt, spaghetti straps, and a low back, this dress is perfect for your backyard wedding or mountain top elopement.

Dress Designer: Flora and Lane

Features: Intricate French lace details, chiffon

Price: $1,300

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: Chicago, USA

Shop Price Range: $550-$2,400



If you want a dress that is easy to put on and has an airy feel for your elopement, this might be your dress! Perfect for breezy lakeside weddings, this polka dot dress is sure to impress!

Dress Designer: Wow Bridal Dress

Features: Polka dots, bow, open back, cuffs, buttons

Price: $380

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: Belarus

Shop Price Range: $250-$780



This unique wedding dress is a true stunner. With lace embroidered with sequins, this dress will sparkle while you dance in the moonlight. Featuring an A-Line skirt, long sleeves, and an open back, this dress is romantic and subtly sexy, perfect for your all day elopement or intimate wedding!

Dress Designer: Boom Blush

Features: Long Sleeves, V Neck, Sequins, Lace

Price: $1,590

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: New Zealand

Shop Price Range: $900-$3,890



This bohemian style wedding dress is made of beautiful and unique lace fabrics, with long sleeves and nude satin lining. The closer you look at the dress, the more details you will find to admire. This dress will be beautiful whether you are getting married in a spring garden or on a snowy hill.

Dress Designer: EL Design Studio

Features: Lace, Satin, Fit and Flare Skirt

Price: $899.99

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: Washington, USA

Shop Price Range: $159-$899



This unique wedding dress is called "poem" and for good reason! You can get any words or phrases stitched onto the bodice. So it you want a truly personalized gown for your elopement, this might be it! Sexy and romantic, this dress is a stunner.

Dress Designer: Milamira Bridal

Features: Custom Embroidered Words, corset bodice, lightweight skirt

Price: $750

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: Russia

Shop Price Ranges: $245-$990



If you are looking for a simple dress with beautiful lace perfect for your outdoor wedding, consider this lace bohemian wedding gown. With a gorgeous neckline, open back, and tons of positive reviews, this dress is one to bookmark.

Dress Designer: EL Design Studio

Features: Lace, Satin, Buttons, Open Back, Cap Sleeves

Price: $899.99

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: Washington, USA

Shop Price Range: $159-$899



This handmade silk dress features a fluffy skirt and beautiful details across the shoulders and back. The design and fabrics used in this dress make it perfect for your mountain wedding or hiking elopement. With multiple 5 star reviews, it is obvious that brides love their custom wedding dress by Cathy Telle.

Dress Designer: CathyTelle

Features: Silk, mesh, lace, handmade details

Price: $1,530

Shop Rating: 5 Stars

Shop Location: Ukraine

Shop Price Range: $460-$5,900


Are you thinking of buying your wedding dress from Etsy?

All of these independent wedding dress designers can customize your dress so that it is perfect for you! Want to add sleeves or close up an open back? They can do it!

When you buy your wedding dress on Etsy, your options expand. You are not limited to the styles that are "in" or at your local bridal store.

Some tips for buying your dress on Etsy:

  • Read reviews for the designer you are interested in

  • Take your cue from the initial interactions and messages before buying your dress

  • It never hurts to ask- if you want pockets or to change the color, ask the designer if it is possible!

  • Respect their design knowledge- if they think that something will compromise the design, trust them. They are the expert.

  • Take careful measurements. This is not the time to guess.

  • And lastly, enjoy running around in your new, custom wedding dress made specially for you!


Molly is an intimate wedding and elopement photographer who is always up for a new adventure!

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