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How to Write Unique Wedding Vows in 5 Steps

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Either you are a person who has been mulling over what to say for a year (perhaps even penning your vows months ahead of time like me?) or you are the person who is writing them the day of your wedding (like my partner). ⁠⁠

Either way, you want your vows to be special. Sure, you could google "unique wedding vows" and say the same thing that everyone else has (see what I did there?), or you can take the time to write out something personal. Something that will mean something to your person.⁠ Your vows should be thought about with care. So, whether you are writing your vows down or plan to speak from the heart in the moment, here are some tips and advice to keep in mind!

⁠1. Share something personal

Talk about an experience you two had together that meant something. Maybe it's the first time you knew that you loved them? An ordinary every day routine that you two have that you are grateful for? A favorite memory? Your first impression? Describe the moment and how you felt. ⁠

⁠2. Describe "that moment"

Describe the moment you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with your partner. What was that like?⁠

⁠3. Reinforce the "why"

Talk about them- how do they inspire you? What makes them the perfect balance to you? Talk about how much your love means to you and why you love them.⁠

⁠4. Talk about your future

Talk about the future and how you will handle making decisions. Marriage is work. Good work, but still work. What does your marriage look like? How will you be your best self so you can work together in your marriage?⁠

⁠5. Finish with promises

And finally, make your promises to each other. That's what vows are after all. What are the promises that you will keep no matter what. For the business-minded folk, it's like your core-values...but in marriage form.⁠

⁠And one final tip- avoid the cliches. You won't remember them. You two are unique people. You and your partner deserve personalized vows.⁠


Meet Molly, your mountain elopement photographer!

Hi! I'm an award-winning elopement photographer and I'm here to help you have your perfect experience. Whether it's saying your vows by a lake, under a waterfall, or on top of a mountain at sunrise, I'm here for it!

3 Fun Facts About Me!

  • I'm a licensed hiking guide

  • I grew up in the Austrian Alps

  • Winter is my favorite season

In 2023, I'll be based in the Austrian Alps June, July, and part of September. The rest of the year, I'll be photographing elopements and intimate weddings in Upstate New York and the White Mountains. Thinking of eloping? Reach out today! I'd love to help you have a fantastic & adventurous elopement experience!



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