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A Catskill Mountain Elopement -Kristen and Evan

A black and white photo of the bride and groom kissing outside in front of trees and her bouquet held in front

Nestled in the Hudson Valley, among native flowers and forested footpaths, lies an adventurer’s dream. Wildflower Farms is located in Gardiner, New York. Here, you will experience adventure and tranquility. I love when couples choose the Catskills for their elopement with family, as it tends to be just a bit more accessible for family who may have movement restrictions. There are so many options for beautiful locations with wide, smooth paths. And for folks who want to invite family but still have some privacy, Wildflower Farms is the perfect destination because you can gather together around a fire pit but retreat to your own private cabin in the evening. Kristen and Evan picked Wildflower Farms and staying here meant that their dreams of a Catskill mountain elopement would come true.

An Adventurous First Look at Wildflower Farms

The morning of their elopement, Kristen and Evan got ready in their cabins. I am telling you, staying in one of Wildflower Farms' private cabins is an outdoor lover's dream! Their private patios overlook meadows of wildflowers and their floor-to-ceiling windows showcase nature's beauty. Looking for cozy? The indoor space gives off ALL of the cozy vibes you are looking for in a mountain resort. I can't imagine there was any better space for Kristen and Evan.

So much thought goes into those little details you choose for your wedding day and I love that I have the pleasure of documenting them for you. From your tie and boutonnière to choosing a celebratory drink and cold-weather sweater. Kristen's wedding sneakers featured her new last name and their wedding date, which was just so sweet.

Kristen's dress was a perfect fit. She zipped up her dress, laced up her wedding sneakers, and headed out into the gardens to meet Evan.

The grounds at Wildflower Farms offer miles of hiking trails. As she set out into the gardens, she followed the tree-lined footpaths to meet her love for a private moment before getting married in front of family. With a gentle tap on the shoulder, Evan turned to meet his bride.

Personally, I love a first look out in nature. Being out there surrounded by trees and fresh air is so calming. I highly suggest doing your first look outdoors away from watchful eyes to help calm some of those "first look" jitters!

After their first look, Kristen and Evan were ready to explore. Together they have hiked the Alps in Switzerland, biked 200 miles down the Oregon coast, and have been hiking, caving, and canoeing in upstate New York.

Before their elopement ceremony, they wanted to take advantage of the adventures Wildflower Farms had to offer and this venturesome couple landed on zip-lining before meeting back up with their family. Laughs were had and memories were made. What a fun way to enjoy some special time together before saying "I do"!

An Intimate Catskill Mountain Elopement at Sam's Point

Like many couples I work with, Kristen and Evan knew the date of their elopement, but were counting on my expertise to find the perfect spot for vows. Kristen and Evan spent many weekends in the Catskills to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City. They fell in love with the area and also really liked the idea of the lower elevations for their New York May nuptials. Lower elevation meant warmer temps and dryer trails than the Adirondacks... and less risk of snow and ice which the higher Adirondack Mountains sometimes still have that time of year.

Given the group size and accessibility needs, Sam’s Point immediately came to my mind. Kristen and Evan loved this idea since this hike was one of their very first dates. Sam’s Point is located in Minnewaska State Park Preserve which is within a 30-minute drive from Wildflower Farms making it the perfect location. Permits were needed for this location and I guided and helped them acquire theirs.

A bride in a white dress and a groom in a navy blue suit kiss on the top of a mountain surrounded by 8 family members and their officiant.

Sam’s Point offered the dream location for this intimate elopement. Kristen and Evan exchanged vows surrounded by their family and breathtaking views. As the clouds swirled in, Kristen and Evan snuck off to capture some memories. They explored together along the exposed rock and were prepared with lanterns as the sun faded away.

This hike is a crowd favorite. Everyone in the party appreciated the short, wide trails and especially loved seeing the red efts along the way. This particular newt comes out in the spring when the trails are a bit wetter and the temperature warms up so if you are interested in spotting them, be sure to plan a hike in the spring!

The 11 family members of the groom and bride walk around the large exposed rock.  rock

After the ceremony and celebratory toast, the family headed down to give Kristen and Evan some privacy atop the mountain.

A married couple stands atop Sam's Point in the spring. The bride's veil is flowing in the wind.

A Cozy Celebration by the Fire

As the evening came to a close, Kristen and Evan joined their guests to celebrate their love and dine at Wildflower Farm’s onsite restaurant, Clay. They were very much looking forward to their cozy dinner by the fire. One of the best parts...they have a S'mores pit! Who doesn't love a gooey s'more after getting married?

The bride lays her head on the groom's shoulder as they gaze out to the fire pit in front of them. A few guests sit by them on the surrounding couches on the outdoor patio. Outside they can see the private brown cabins of the resort and the mountains.

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Meet Your Catskills Hiking Guide and Elopement Photographer

Molly Hennighausen of Outdoor Chronicles Photography; Catskills Elopement Photographer

Hi! I'm Molly, an award-winning elopement photographer and licensed hiking guide! I would love to chat about photographing your perfect elopement in New York.

I'm a small wedding and elopement photographer who specializes in hiking elopements and bringing you to beautiful locations. Interested in talking to me about your Catskill elopement or small adventure wedding? I'd love to help you have the best wedding day experience (while giving you some amazing pictures!)

I pride myself in only working in places where I have local expertise. Other than the Catskills, I specialize in Austrian Alps elopements, Adirondack mountain elopements, and New Hampshire mountain elopements.


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