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Why not have an intimate wedding day experience where you truly enjoy your time together surrounded by beautiful scenery?

Adirondack Wedding Photographer Photographing Intimate Weddings, Elopements, and Births in
Upstate NY, New England, and Alaska.


Big weddings are boring.

So, why settle on something that you wouldn't actually enjoy?

Maybe your family is pressuring you to have a big wedding, but the idea of it makes you groan.

Maybe you'd rather spend your money on an epic adventure or honeymoon, rather than sub-par food and the same table settings that you see at every other wedding.

Maybe the idea of having a traditional wedding just makes you stressed out or unhappy because it isn't true to you and your partner.


And I can help.

I bet that you love taking the time to experience life, focusing on the people and the things you love.

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Experience a wedding day that is:






No stress

No drama

No pressure

Chances are that when it comes to hiring your intimate wedding photographer or Upstate NY elopement photographer, you want someone who understands why you want to get married the way you are! As an adventure wedding photographer and courthouse elopement photographer, I know that sometimes two people feel so much more comfortable getting married either alone or with a small, intimate group of family and friends. I'm here to support you in that decision and help you have the

best wedding day ever!

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I document real feelings and my style reflects the mood of the day.

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I LOVE capturing the moments in between.

When you look back on your wedding album, I want you to remember the feelings that you felt while marrying the person that you love.

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Meet Your Photographer, Experience Curator, and Trusted Friend.

This is me. And my dog Arlo! 


When I'm not photographing ADK elopements or New England weddings, I am outdoors exploring and taking care of our world! I love the outdoors, and I know you do to. And maybe, if you could, you want to get married outside surrounded by the landscapes you love!


I know, because I was there too. And you can! Whether you want to have your wedding in the Adirondacks, Catskills, White Mountains, Berkshires, or up in Maine, I am there for you and have probably hiked a good bit of the trails too!

Whether you want to get married at the Saratoga or Albany courthouse and then go on an epic multi-day hike, or you want to drive up to a beautiful destination with your closest family and friends to exchange vows I'm here for it. And although I'm not a planner, I just can't help myself. I'll be there every step of the way to help you plan your awesome wedding day experience! You can read more about me here.

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Relax and Enjoy Your Intimate Wedding Day!

That's it. No stress. Just fun.

Upstate New York Intimate Backyard Weddi


Upstate New York Intimate Backyard Weddi


Planning a wedding during COVID is hard, planning a destination wedding for a year and then having to cancel a month prior due to COVID is even worse! We were left with a blank slate as travel to North Carolina would not be happening in the near future and we had no plans for an Upstate New York wedding! 

Our wedding day was absolute perfection and more “us” than the original wedding we planned! One major and significant reason for that was due to the amazing vendors!

After our first Zoom discovery call with Molly – we had absolutely no reservations. She asked all the right questions and wanted to know our history and our relationship so that she could best support us. She is sweet, funny, professional, personable and damn good at her job! She was there for every posed photo that we swore to her we would not want taken, she encouraged us to take time as a couple after the ceremony to let sink in that we just got married, and she captured all of the candid emotions that truly helped see our wedding through our guests eyes. She put us at ease during a very stressful time and we are so grateful for that. We could not have asked for a better person / photographer to work with!

-Drew and Kaila

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