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A Backyard Family Wedding in Western Michigan

Eerin and Travis got married this fall in the backyard of their home in Western Michigan. Like many couples this year, COVID threw a wrench in their original plans, forcing them to re-evaluate their wedding and what was important to them . Their original wedding with 200 guests was re-imagined as an intimate, family-oriented backyard wedding, and it couldn't have been more beautiful!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may recognize Eerin and Travis as the couple from a recent post about things not going to plan on your wedding day. Long story short, their photographer found out that morning that they were exposed to COVID. A friend of a friend saw a post on Facebook from the couple's maid of honor that they were looking for a photographer to step in last minute. I happened to be an hour away having photographed a wedding nearby the night before. The crazy thing? It had been a destination wedding and I was running behind on driving back to Upstate New York. I got the text about the wedding while pulled over getting gas. After a quick phone call, I pulled out of the gas station, stopped at a store for some more SD cards, and arrived at the house ready to work!

I can honestly say that this was such a fun and unique wedding to be a part of. Family and friends helped decorate and get ready for the wedding. Eerin and Travis' son served as best man- and also as my best buddy/ backyard tour guide pre-wedding while photographing details. The songs that the bride and groom walked down the aisle to were instrumental versions of music from Star Wars and other movies they enjoy together. And so many more details that reflected them and their unique relationship.

The ceremony itself was also full of unique details that spoke to the couple. The bride's father officiated the wedding, including a history of certain elements they chose to incorporate. And in the middle of the ceremony, just as the rings were to be exchanged, the officiant and couple realized the wedding rings were still in the bedroom! The maid of honor, always ready, ran into the house to get the rings while the bride and groom chatted and joked with their family and guests. Finally, with their rings, Eerin and Travis exchanged personal wedding vows and finished the ceremony by jumping over a broom.

Several things did not go to plan when it came to Eerin and Travis' wedding, but I think they agree that the day was absolutely beautiful and perfect in the end. The backyard reception was also beautifully organized with a delicious buffet and a gorgeous apple cake covered in fresh fruit. I, for one, couldn't help but shed a tear during the toasts, because it was obvious how loved the two of them were. And to think that from now on they will always have memories of hosting their wedding in the same backyard that their son plays in. What a beautiful thing!

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