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A Dog Friendly New Hampshire Mountain Elopement - Justin and Jamie

A couple gets married on top of Mount Willard in New Hampshire with their dog. Mountaintop Hiking Elopement in New Hampshire

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Justin and Jamie's love story began at work. From the moment they met, there was an undeniable connection between them. At first, they tried to ignore their feelings for the sake of professionalism, but fate had other plans.

Justin was captivated by Jamie's beauty, but what truly won him over was her sense of humor. They shared countless laughs, and it was clear they had a special bond. Justin admired Jamie's determination and drive. When she set her mind to something, she would do the research and accomplish it with grace. Her ambition was incredibly attractive to him.

Jamie couldn't resist Justin's charm and wit. He made her laugh like no one else could, and she found herself wanting to spend as much time as possible in his presence. As she got to know him better, Jamie discovered that Justin was not only fun-loving but also incredibly caring. His empathy towards others was unmatched.

Justin and Jamie's love for nature knows no bounds. They got engaged on a memorable camping trip, with Justin even 3-D printing a ring for Jamie. Surrounded by loved ones and his pup by his side, he eagerly awaited the moment to propose. Finally, as Jamie woke from her slumber, he asked her to be his wife. It was a beautiful moment. Justin and Jamie's connection was forged through shared laughter, their love of nature, and love for their pup, Winden.

A couple elopes on a mountain on their wedding day. A Woman in her white dress and knitted shawl faces away from the camera looking at a man in burnt red pants, a white button down, suspenders, and a tie. The woman's dress is blown by the wind.  They are on top of a mountain with dark grey clouds in the sky.

Planning a Fall Hiking Elopement in New Hampshire

When Jamie and Justin first contacted me, they were initially thinking of eloping in Connecticut near their home. It was most important that their dog Winden could be involved but were skeptical that they could find a rental home that would accommodate Winden, hence staying close to home. That said, as soon as they mentioned that they loved the mountains, I knew that New Hampshire was the right spot for them- it's an incredibly dog-friendly state and the views are epic! Their love of the mountains and my knowledge of New Hampshire made finding the perfect elopement location an easy task.

As an avid hiker with three dogs of my own, I had an absolute blast creating a list of perfect locations for Justin and Jamie's dream elopement with Winden. I was beyond excited to make their vision a reality. Getting to know this adventurous couple, I just knew they would love a fantastic hike to celebrate their love.

A couple in wedding outfits wearing hiking backpacks are hiking with their dog in New Hampshire. They stand with their backs to the viewer as they look out over the New Hampshire mountains during their adventure elopement.

Picking the Perfect Mountain Elopement Spot

We talked through what they pictured for their elopement and they really were interested in having a backdrop of beautiful mountain views. There are really no wrong views, but the views around Franconia Notch are going to be different than those in the Lakes Region and different than those in the Southern region. At first, they thought they wanted views of craggedy peaks above treeline and, while I gave them some options up there, I also threw in Mount Cardigan because it fit some of the other criteria they had, such as the type of trees they wanted to walk amongst during the hike up. While the location was further south, it had a lot of the other elements that Jamie and Justin were looking for and I had an inkling it might be perfect for them. This majestic mountain not only offers breathtaking views but also features a remarkable fire tower. It's the ideal place for Justin and Jamie to hike and spend romantic nights for their anniversaries.

An Intimate First Look in New Hampshire

A couple kisses during their first look in the backyard before heading off to elope on top of a mountain.

As I made my way to meet Jamie and Justin at their Airbnb, I wanted to ensure the morning was as stress-free as possible for the happy couple. So, I offered to pick up Jamie's bouquet. I couldn't wait to see what she had chosen, knowing her love for houseplants and flowers. She has an impressive collection of over 30 plants and spends dedicated time caring for them. Jamie and Justin have even worked on creating a perfect environment in their yard to attract pollinators and wildlife, planting flowers from their families. The bouquet she picked was a beautiful arrangement of local flowers.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by Winden, who happily joined me as I captured Justin and Jamie's intricately detailed moments. Spending the morning with them was an absolute delight. Their fun-loving energy was contagious, and we had an amazing time together. Couldn't help but smile as they shared many laughs throughout the morning.

Why Justin and Jamie Chose to Elope

Justin and Jamie made the decision to elope because they didn't feel comfortable being the center of attention in a large group. Their main focus was on their love for each other, and they found other wonderful ways to involve their loved ones. When Jamie was selecting her dress, both of their moms were there with her, lending their support and love. Her mom even knitted the shawl that Jamie wrapped herself in. The ring pouch was a special creation made from pieces of her mom's dress and her aunt's dress.

With Justin ready and waiting outside in the yard, I had the honor of helping Jamie button up her breathtaking dress. As she twirled in her stunning gown, they shared a special moment together before embarking on their adventurous journey.

A Magical New Hampshire Mountain Elopement

We made our way to the mountain driving through lots of rain. We did not encounter any on our hike and little did we know that the storm would make our trek magical. We planned to take it slow and easy but Winden and Justin had other plans. They were fast on their feet and we were up ahead of schedule. It was a warm hike up but chilly on top due to the surrounding storms. The storms gave us the most magical lighting. We were treated with orange and purple skies and even with a full-fledged rainbow. I’m talking the whole arch.

When planning your special day I encourage you to include something unique and memorable to you as a couple. Justin and Jamie enjoy bird watching and building lovebirds together. They really wanted to incorporate a unity act of some sort during their ceremony and decided to bring along a pair of lovebirds.

A groom in a brown jacket and brown pants walks away from the camera up the rock of the mountain face followed by a bride in a white dress, a shawl, a veil, carrying her bouquet.  The light brown dog walks along with them too. They are exploring the mountain summit during their New Hampshire elopement.

Elope in New Hampshire with your Dog

Every dog that I have ever worked with has been the sweetest soul and truly deserves to be a part of your special day if that is your dream. I promise to help make this possible by helping you choose a dog-friendly spot, spending time getting to know your dog, bringing them treats, and whatever else you may need me to do to make your dream a reality.

A couple laughs and cuddles with their dog on their wedding day on top of a mountain.

Throughout the entire planning process, we constantly had Jamie and Justin's adorable dog, Winden, in our thoughts. Including him was a top priority for the couple, and we wanted to ensure we made the best decisions for his well-being. That's why Jamie and Justin decided to hike Mount Cardigan before their special day. I knew Mount Cardigan was a dog-friendly trail but they wanted to be sure it was just to make sure it was suitable for Winden. If you're thinking of bringing your four-legged friend on your elopement hike, I highly recommend choosing a path that is safe and accessible for them.

When looking for the Airbnb, Justin and Jamie chose one that was about an hour away with spectacular views but also knowing it would be nice and quiet for Winden because he is not a fan of a lot of commotion.

Hiring a dog-friendly photographer is key in having your pup included. Winden and I spent time getting to know each other when I went to their Airbnb the morning of their elopement. He greeted me at the door and knowing he was not always a fan of people he didn't know, I respected his space and won him over. We had a wonderful morning together and he enjoyed my company on our hike.

A black and white image of a couple and their dog in profile hiking up a mountain. New Hampshire Mountain Wedding.


Meet Your New Hampshire Hiking Guide and Elopement Photographer

Molly Hennighausen of Outdoor Chronicles Photography; Catskills Elopement Photographer

Hi! I'm Molly, an award-winning elopement photographer and licensed hiking guide! I would love to chat about photographing your perfect elopement in New Hampshire.

I'm a small wedding and elopement photographer who specializes in hiking elopements and bringing you to beautiful locations. Interested in talking to me about your New Hampshire elopement or small adventure wedding? I'd love to help you have the best wedding day experience (while giving you some amazing pictures!)

I pride myself in only working in places where I have local expertise. Other than New Hampshire mountain elopements, I specialize in Austrian Alps elopements, Adirondack mountain elopements, and the Catskill mountain elopements.


An All Day Hiking Elopement in New Hampshire in Pictures

A bride and groom kiss during their first look. The New Hampshire mountain landscape is featured behind them, along with fall foliage.
A bride and groom hike in New Hampshire for their mountain elopement. A bouquet is tucked into the bride's backpack. Their dog hikes alongside them.
A bride and groom kiss in the forest in New Hampshire during their October elopement. They are surrounded by birch trees and fall foliage colors.
A view of a couple and their dog from behind on top of a mountain. This is a portrait of a bride and groom in wedding attire wearing hiking backpacks looking out over the New Hampshire White Mountains in the distance. The bride carries a bouquet in her backpack. Fall foliage is prominent during their New Hampshire fall hiking elopement on Mount Willard.
A bride in a jean jacket and knitted shawl looks at the view. A small pool of water is next to her. Her dog is in front of her. They are on top of a mountain in New Hampshire and she is about to get married.
A dramatic landscape image of New Hampshire mountains alpenglow with a bride, groom, and dog in profile. The wind blows the bride's skirt behind her as they walk across the summit. This is their wedding day and they are eloping on top of a mountain in New Hampshire.
A couple shares a kiss on top of Mount Willard after exchanging wedding vows. Fall October landscape of the White Mountains during goldenhour.
A couple elopes on Mount Willard in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This is a fall October hiking elopement on a mountain. The brides dress blows in the wind as the couple exchanges vows. Their dog is next to them. The skies are dramatically pink and orange behind them. Sunset golden hour New Hampshire mountain elopement.
A wedding couple kiss underneath a rainbow during their New Hampshire mountain elopement. Their dog is next to them.
A portrait of a wedding couple with a sky full of pinks and purples behind them as the sun sets. Their large, mixed breed dog looks at the camera. The bride's wedding dress and veil are blowing in the wind on top of the mountain summit during their wedding.
A couple watches the sunset while hiking Mount Willard Fall 2023 for their New Hampshire adventure wedding.

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