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An Intentional Elopement in Massachusetts Filled with Love and Beauty

Breaking the Rules: Mike and Emma's Intentional New England Elopement

A Massachusetts New England Elopement. A woman in a gold dress and a man in a navy suit face each other and look  at each other with their hands on each other. They stand on the light tan sand on the beach with blue water close behind.  There is a bouquet of maroon resting on the sand by the woman's feet.

Mike and Emma's love story began in New Haven where they both shared a passion for theatre. They started dating and quickly knew they were meant for each other. However, their busy schedules kept them apart most of the time, making every moment together special. When they decided to get married, they knew they wanted to break the rules of traditional weddings and plan something that was intentional and meaningful to them. When Mike and Emma contacted me, we discussed the type of wedding they wanted.

Discover your dream elopement style in New England

Mike and Emma knew from the start that they wanted their wedding to be different. They both had been married before and experienced the stress and pressure of a big wedding. This time, they wanted something that was relaxed, fun, and included their beloved pup, Pickles. They planned their elopement to be a reflection of themselves and their relationship, with the focus on love and connection. I was so excited to document the details of their special day.

In planning their elopement, Mike and Emma opted for a small ceremony with only their close family and friends present. They also included their dog, Pickles, to make their day even more special.

Finding the perfect elopement location on the shores of Massachusetts

Their elopement was also intentional in terms of timing and location. Emma is a freelance lighting designer who travels frequently, while Mike works on the production side of theatre and has long, unpredictable hours. They knew that any time they spent together was valuable. When it came to the "when" of getting married, a lot of it had to do with when their schedules freed up. They also chose to have their elopement in a location that would allow them to spend meaningful time together with their families. As for the "where", getting married at Mike's family home allowed for the perfect backdrop to join these two families together.

Mike and Emma chose to get married on the shores of Massachusetts. While their ceremony would be at Mike's family home, they chose to spend the first half of the day together just the two of them. They booked a stay at The Inn at Castle Hill, a really beautiful lodge. The grounds at the inn were absolutely stunning and boasted some really beautiful architecture. The estate is surrounded by 4 miles of pristine beach. As guests of the bed and breakfast, you have full access to this beautiful property. Mike and Emma had an unforgettable morning before their ceremony.

But here's a tip: if you choose to get married here, remember that your team won't be able to capture the indoor details.

Design your dream day, your way

I picked Mike and Emma up at The Inn at Castle Hill and we started the day by grabbing coffee and delicious egg sandwiches at the Sandpiper Bakery in town. It's a spot they've visited countless times together, and the food is absolutely incredible. Mike, Emma, and their pup, Pickles enjoyed the lovely weather and each other's company on the cafe's stoop.

After our energizing breakfast, we headed to Crane beach for a romantic walk with Pickles. The crisp air and stunning ocean views set the perfect scene for Emma, Mike, and Pickles to exchange heartfelt and emotional words. I love capturing these precious moments that you share with your partner, allowing you to be truly intimate with each other.

Next, we were on our way to the dog friendly brewery, True North Ale Company. Mike and Emma wanted some "just us" time before heading to Mike's family home for their celebration with family.

A woman in a gold dress and a man in a navy suit sit at a table in a brewery. They are joined by their dog who sits next to the man.  The man and woman look at each other sipping on their beers.

Add your own special touch to your elopement

The sunset ceremony surrounded by family and led by Emma's uncle was a beautiful celebration of their connection. To mark the occasion after a quick high five and first kiss as a married couple, Mike and Emma served a special cocktail of their own creation for all their loved ones to enjoy. Cutting the cake together symbolized their unity, while Emma's mom and aunt danced in the living room. The atmosphere was relaxed, and everyone delighted in each other's company, including the children playing with toys.

In true Mike and Emma fashion, Emma wore a stunning gold dress instead of the traditional white wedding gown. They chose rings made by Digby and Iona. This small business is run by Aaron, who as a young boy was fascinated with the idea of stumbling upon hidden treasures and unearthing ancient relics. Aaron works out of his Brooklyn studio creating unique jewelry inspired by his childhood fantasies of exploration. Their rings were absolutely beautiful and very unique to their style.

Mike and Emma's intentional elopement was an inspiration to those who value connection, love, and meaningful experiences. By breaking the rules of traditional weddings, they were able to create a day that was true to themselves and their relationship. From choosing the timing, location, and style of their wedding, they were intentional in every decision they made. Their elopement was not just about celebrating their love, but also about prioritizing their relationship and making every moment together a special one.

A black and white picture of a man and woman getting married by an officiant. The officiant is reading from the book. The man and woman are looking at each other smiling. There are flowers in the background.
A silhouette of a man and a woman with their faces almost touching. The background is a dark sky  after the sun has set. The sky boasts orange, pink, and purples.

Not every photographer wants you to have a "non-photoshoot" wedding, but I do.

If the worst thing that you can think of when it comes to your wedding day is an "all day photoshoot", I get it! I do not want you to think back on your wedding day and think of a camera in your face the whole time. That's why we build in lots of room into your timeline on your wedding day for you to experience the day and make memories together. Furthermore, I approach photographing your wedding day from a documentary approach, so you can truly be yourselves. Work with me to capture these beautiful moments of love and intimacy between you and your partner, while also giving yourselves the space to truly be present with each other. Let's create a day that will forever hold a special place in your hearts.


Meet Your New England Elopement Photographer

Molly Hennighausen of Outdoor Chronicles Photography; Catskills Elopement Photographer

Hi! I'm Molly, an award-winning elopement photographer! I would love to chat about photographing your perfect elopement on the beaches or in the mountains of New England.

I'm a small wedding and elopement photographer who specializes in elopements and bringing you to beautiful locations. Interested in talking to me about your New England elopement or small adventure wedding? I'd love to help you have the best wedding day experience (while giving you some amazing pictures!)

I pride myself in only working in places where I have local expertise. Other than beach elopements on the shores of Massachusetts, I specialize in New Hampshire mountain elopements, Austrian Alps elopements, Adirondack mountain elopements, and the Catskill mountain elopements.


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